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Temperature Range

Standard Low Temperature: -60°C / -76°F
Standard High Temperature: 225°C / 437°F

Cure system - Peroxide-Cured vs. Platinum cured

Standard silicone compounds are usually peroxide-cured. Platinum-cured compounds offer better flexible properties and very low volatile matter. Platinum-cured silicones usually are applied in medical system or other required low volatile matter, but they need to be produced in clean room and higher cost of platinum catalyzer so they are more expensive than peroxide-cured ones.

Performs Well In...

  • Engine and Transmission oil
  • Diluted salt solutions
  • Moderate water
  • Dry heat
  • Ozone, Weather Resistance

Does Not Perform Well In...

  • Concentrated acids and alkalis
  • Steam over 120 °C
  • Petroleum oils and fuel
  • Ketones

Available Compounds