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Pure PTFE with Kevlar Fiber Corners

Style 6500PTFE is Pure PTFE yard braided packing incorporated with pure 100% DuPont's Kevlar® yarn throughout the four corners. This structure enhances the lubricating ability of Aramid and reinforces the strength of the pure PTFE packing, Good sliding properties and thermal conductivity. Every fiber is impregnated with PTFE emulsion. This system of impregnation assures even distribution of the PTFE. The fibers are saturated and sealed with PTFE particles, protecting the fibers from chemical action.


  • Temp. range: -180°c to 260°c
  • Max Pressure: 2000 PSI
  • PH Range: 2-12
  • Density : 1.40-1.45 g/cm3