Rubber molded products for oilfield service applications

Custom Molded Parts


Our compression molded rubber products can be found in exploration and production equipment all over the world. We offer an extensive list of elastomers specifically formulated for the harsh environments typically seen in oilfield service applications. This includes compounds that offer resistance to temperature, extrusion, rapid gas decompression, and superheated steam. We also offer compounds that are both NORSOK M710 and API 6A certified.

Why choose KC Seals for your molded products

Compression Molding

In-House mold making

Setup fees can be a major deterrent when deciding to move forward with a project. KC Seals makes it far more affordable by making all our compression molds in-house, saving you time and money. In addition, your IP stays under one roof and will not get shipped off to another machine shop with which you have no familiarity.

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Super-Sub program

Single sourcing your molded rubber products can lead to unintentional supply chain risks. Our Super-Sub program is an affordable multi-sourcing arrangement that limits the negative impacts of potential disruptions. It’s a no setup fee, and minimum commitment on your moderate to high usage production rubber parts. Book a meeting to learn more.

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Digital Production

Our combined ERP/MES/QMS digital system has embedded flexibility into our production processes. We now have exceptional visibility of work orders, production metrics, scheduling, supply chain management, and inventory. This means we can accurately predict delivery dates and adjust automatically should disruptions occur. Book a meeting to learn more.

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Compression Molding Capabilities

Our facility is home to a multitude of different presses with variable tonnage. We can manufacture standard sealing profiles to complex profile geometries. Below is a list of our basic guidelines which highlights some of our limitations. Download our design guide for a more detailed explanation of guidelines.

SIZE16 inches in diameter and up to 10 inches in height.
VOLUME45 cu. in.
DEPTH4 in. from parting line
Up to 8 in. if parting line can pass through the middle of the part


Tolerances: Are based on RMA “A2” standards which are commonly used in the Oil and Gas industry. Our design guide has a detailed table of RMA “A2” tolerances.

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Available materials

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