Hammer Union Seals

We stock hammer union seals in Nitrile, Steel edge, and brass edged in 1” to 4” sizes.

Orifice Seals

A unique designed, specific to K.C. Seals Inc.

Seat Seals

K.C. Seals manufactures seat seals from Nylon, PTFE, PEEK and other materials upon request.

Stem Packing

PTFE Pump Stem packing

Urethane Ring Joint Gaskets

With the correct amount of bolts and correct amount of torque, K.C. Seals urethane ring joint gaskets can be utilized again, again, and again.

Carbide Components

Below is a list of Carbide components we carry. Main Orifice Bluestar Servo Poppet Two and one piece Poppet tips Universal Servo Poppet Bluestar and Tensor Bottom Sleeves

Centralizer Fins

K.C. Seals stocks both 4 and 5 blade fin substrates, as well as 13″ fins. With our rubber bonded manufacturing capabilities, we also produce custom centralizing fins.

Ceramic Components

Below is a list of ceramic components we carry.  Bore Sleeves Servo Poppet Tip Signal Shaft Orifices Servo Orifice

Float Valve Rubber Repair Kits

K.C. Seals carries float valve rubber repair kits for both the flapper and plunger style float valves.

PEEK Components

In combination of our manufacturing capabilities and access to PEEK materials. K.C. Seals produces very complex custom PEEK components specific for drilling tools.

Retaining Rings and Bonded Washers

K.C. Seals stocks both Bonded Washers (help prevent leakage through bolt holes and evenly distribute the load of a bolt) and Retaining Rings (Acts as a shoulder which holds components in place).

RO9 Rotary Seal

The RO9 is a two piece, rubber energized PTFE rotary seal. Typically used in mud motors, this seal offers an extended sealing life in comparison to elastomeric sealing parts.

Rubber Components

Below is a list of Rubber components we carry. Boots and Bellows Snubber Inserts Bluestar Couplings

Inner BOP Seals

Available in both HNBR and FKM (Viton®).

Oil Saver Rubbers

K.C. Seals stocks replacement rubbers for Guiberson, Regal/Bell, Bowen and Petrodyne oil-saver units.

Otis and Baker V Seals

Available in MolyGlass and Nitrile/Kevlar. Other materials available upon request.

Outer BOP Seals

Available in both HNBR and FKM (Viton®)

Wireline Stuffing Box Packing

K.C. Seals maintains a stock of ½ wire line stuffing box packing in polyurethane, reinforced fabric and HNBR.

Bypass Seals

We carry multiple different sizes for mechanical set packers.

HPT Stack

The HPT Stack was specifically designed to replace VTR/ATR Sealing stacks. It’s a 3 piece design with split guiding elements, which enables east installation. Have proven to seal at over 15,000 psi and works incredibly well for sliding sleeve tools, due to its unique design, which minimizes risk of damage while traversing ports.

Packer Elements

K.C. Seals stocks both the Arrowset and BPR replacement packer elements. We also manufacture custom molded packer elements out of HNBR, Aflas®, Viton®, and Nitrile.

Blind Ram Seals

K.C. Seals stocks ram seals in Aflas, HNBR, and NBR.


EngiSeals is K.C. Seals version of spring loaded u-cups, which are sealing elements that combine high performance polymer “seal jackets” with recent advances in spring technology as “jacket energizers”. This unique combination of matching suitable materials for the seal and the spring allows our customers to seal under some of the most extreme service conditions.

FS Seals

Specifically designed to seal against wide tolerance and difficult sealing conditions. The FS Seals decreases installation time, seals against high pressures and abrasive materials. K.C. Seals stocks the FS Seal in both HNBR and NBR.

Retaining Rings and Bonded Washers

K.C. Seals stocks both Bonded Washers (help prevent leakage through bolt holes and evenly distribute the load of a bolt) and Retaining Rings (Acts as a shoulder which holds components in place).

Cork Neoprene Gasket

With around equal amounts of cork and neoprene, our valve cover gasket does not flake off like others on the market today.

Final Filter Kits

Includes square rings and O-rings

Specialty O-Rings

K.C. Seals carries a large volume of Door and Liner Seals in a variety of materials and colors.

VHP Kits

Comprising of 7 “chubbies” 3 “skinnies” and two sizes of O-rings. The VHP Kit is a sealing kit we have carried for over 20 years now and will continue to do so.
kc seals reciprocating

UBB Buffer Seal

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