Blind Ram Seals

K.C. Seals stocks ram seals in Aflas, HNBR, and NBR.


EngiSeals is K.C. Seals version of spring loaded u-cups, which are sealing elements that combine high performance polymer “seal jackets” with recent advances in spring technology as “jacket energizers”. This unique combination of matching suitable materials for the seal and the spring allows our customers to seal under some of the most extreme service conditions.

FS Seals

Specifically designed to seal against wide tolerance and difficult sealing conditions. The FS Seals decreases installation time, seals against high pressures and abrasive materials. K.C. Seals stocks the FS Seal in both HNBR and NBR.

Retaining Rings and Bonded Washers

K.C. Seals stocks both Bonded Washers (help prevent leakage through bolt holes and evenly distribute the load of a bolt) and Retaining Rings (Acts as a shoulder which holds components in place).