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Conquer ever-shortening product development cycles and decrease downtime costs with KC Seals accelerated manufacturing methods.

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Precise Measurement

Our Zeiss O-Machine and Keyence CMM utilize both optical and contact measurement technology in a comprehensive analysis. The O-Machine includes multi-sensor coordinate measuring, white light sensors for non-contact assessments and extremely accurate 3D scanners. To put its accuracy into perspective; we can measure 5 points on a grain of sand.

Material Analysis

K.C. Seals works closely with a material analysis laboratory that specializes in physical testing including, but not limited to; immersion testing in sour conditions, tensile strength, compression set, rapid gas decompression, abrasion testing, and steam. We have the relationships and resources to mimic most real world applications, furthering our commitment to instill the confidence needed for such demanding industries.

ISO Certified

K.C. Seals is ISO 9001-2015 compliant, which means we follow a system of international standards for quality management, which provide guidance to ensure that our products and services consistently meet the requirements of our customers. We seek to improve on quality by identifying and removing causes of defects, errors and minimizing variability in manufacturing.


We carry everything from O-rings, U-cups, Wipers, Packer Elements, Back-ups, Guide Rings, Centralizer Fins, to custom compression molded and CNC sealing parts.


Our material portfolio includes a wide variety of different rubbers and plastics. From standard grades of HNBR and PTFE’s, to specially compounded FFKM’s and bearing grade PEEK’s. Click on learn more for a full list.


We produce plastic and elastomeric sealing components by utilizing compression molding and CNC turning and milling. Each have their own unique pros and cons. Click on learn more for full details.

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