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How we support procurement specialists and engineers

Dealing with large sealing enterprises can be arduous if you don’t meet their high-volume manufacturing requirements. This is especially the case during the beginning stages of the engineering process. Furthermore, global supply chains are broken, resulting in uncertainty and delays from overseas distributors. Both scenarios can be exceptionally frustrating for purchasers and engineers looking to source their elastomer and plastic sealing products: KC Seals is the solution.

We are a regional manufacturer whose in-house capabilities include compression molding, CNC machining, mold making, and state-of-the-art quality control equipment. We like to call ourselves the “little big guy,” meaning we can match the manufacturing proficiencies of our larger competitors; however, our responsiveness and agility counter the administrative headaches typically associated with them. In addition, manufacturing as much as we can right here in North America minimizes delays, enhances service levels, and reduces your total landed costs. 

What results is an uncomplicated sourcing experience so you can get back to doing what your company does best: producing the equipment that powers the world. 


What makes us unique

1. Focused Manufacturing

Focused manufacturing narrows the range of products, market segments, and customers a company deals with. The goal is to lessen key manufacturing tasks to optimize performance. At KC Seals, we’ve limited our focused market segments to include six subsectors within the oilfield service industry in support of these objectives. In addition, we’ve reallocated resources to high functioning capabilities and shifted our concentration from seal design to being purely a manufacturer of rubber and plastics sealing products. As a result, we can out-produce, undersell, and quickly gain a competitive edge over the complex factory where design and R&D are central business themes.

Our capabilities include compression molding, CNC machining, and in-house mold making. Additionally, we have limited our material offering to compounds proven to perform in oilfield environments combined with a product portfolio that delivers to the same utilization. Click on the book a meeting button below to learn more.

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2. Procurement flexibility 

Covid has revealed flaws in global manufacturing and supply chain thinking that were already ripe for change; that is, single-sourcing, low-cost offshore procurement, and lean-manufacturing deprived companies of a steady supply of critical components. In response, Chief Supply Chain Officers have now shifted to risk-averse supply chain strategies. For example, in a recent survey conducted by Gartner (2022), 84% of supply chain leaders are investing in multi-sourcing arrangements, while another 74% are shifting procurement to regional manufacturers.

Not only is KC Seals a regional manufacturer for North American oilfield service companies, but we have also come up with unique procurement agreements to help combat market and supply chain volatility. Our Super-Sub-Program is an ideal multi-sourcing arrangement that offers no setup fees on compression molded products. In addition, our flex-blanket contracts include the use of our digital forecasting tool that on average has reduced forecasting errors by 45%, boosted inventory savings by the thousands, and increased forecasting accuracy by over 80%.

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3. Digital Production insights 

KC Seals has gone digital. Our combined ERP/MES/QMS digital system has embedded flexibility into our production processes. We now have complete shop control with the ability to offer instant updates and full traceability. Our scheduling system utilizes machine learning to predict delivery dates accurately and adjusts automatically should break-ins or supply interruptions occur. Quality, procedures, and training are now digitally stored and task-specific, lessening the likelihood of non-conformance. Furthermore, within our dashboards, we have exceptional visibility of work orders, scheduling, supply chain management, inventory, and all in real-time.

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