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Temperature Range

General Purpose FKM Low Temperature Rating: -26°C / -15°F
General Purpose FKM High Temperature Rating: 232°C/ 450°F

Special Compound Low Temp FKM: -40°C / 40°F
Special Compound High Temp FKM: 275°C / 525°F

Cure system – Bisphenol cured vs. Peroxide-Cured

Standard FKM compounds are Bisphenol cured. FKM compounds with peroxide-cured possess better acid solution resistance than the bisphenol cured, and can replace litharge-cured applied in acid solution. In some lubricants, adding a few organic amides or amines, means choosing peroxide curing system Viton® will be better than bisphenol curing system.

Performs Well In...

  • Petroleum products
  • Fuel or blend with methanol or ethanol
  • Diesel or blend with biodiesel
  • Mineral oil and grease
  • Silicone oil and grease
  • High vacuum
  • Ozone, weather and very high temperature air
  • Strong acid

Does Not Perform Well In...

  • Ketones
  • Low molecular weight organic acids (formic and acetic acids)
  • Superheat steam
  • Low molecular weight esters and ethers.
  • Phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids - Skydrol(R)