EngiSeal RF6

The RF6 is a rotary flanged seal. The flanged heel helps to prevent rotation of the sealing element by being clamped down within the groove. It is an extremely low friction seal and performs very well in high viscosity applications, such as preventing leakage of drilling mud from the top drive assembly.


The RO05 is a space saving rotary seal for pivoting motions in hydraulic systems. The interference can be either on the inner or outside dimension. This seal maintains a stable fit in the housing and has an excellent sealing life.


The RO9 is a double acting, O-ring energized, rotary seal. This low friction PTFE rotary seal is mainly used in applications with alternating pressures from one side of the seal to the other, such as in hose reels, swivel joints, rotating track rings and machine tool hydraulics. Can seal for both internal and external applications.


The V-Seal is a rubber sealing element specifically designed for shafts requiring a dynamic sealing capabilities (primary or back-up) in an axial direction. The body of V seal rotates with the shaft and holds itself in position by its elastic fit on the shaft.