The simple 3-piece sealing solution for high pressure applications



The T-Seal is a perfect replacement for an O-Ring in any high-pressure application. It provides excellent sealing performance in both double and single-acting applications. With a multitude of materials to select from, you can cover a wide range of temperatures and resist a variety of different media. The T-Seal fits into the same simple groove as an O-ring and eliminates rolling or spiralling, even under long stroke or dry rod conditions. It does not wedge into clearances or pinch off under motion or pressure and has good low-pressure sealing capabilities. The T-Seal can be used in almost any oil and gas application.


• Excellent stability in the groove
• Profile design prevents spiralling in the groove during installation and while in service
• 3-piece design with split back-up rings enables easy installation.
• Excellent temperature variability with multiple material selections
• Excellent bi-directional seal
• Fits in all AS568 O-Ring grooves

Operating Parameters

Operating Pressure: 20,000 psi for static applications. 15,000 psi for dynamic applications.
Speed: 3.3 ft/s or higher for non-continuous or intermittent use.
Temperature range: -45 °C to +232 °C depending on the elastomer.

Design Guide

T-Seal Design Guide



Available Compounds


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