Christopher Stiff

VP Sales & Marketing

Christopher Stiff

Christopher Stiff is the VP of sales and marketing for KC Seals. His role includes defining all marketing and sales objectives, developing the strategies, determining the tactics, and monitoring the plan’s ability to propel the company to greater brand awareness and market share.

Before becoming VP of sales and marketing, Christopher held various roles throughout the company, including taking on small marketing responsibilities while maintaining his title as a regional sales associate. Throughout his tenure in sales, Christopher realized how integrated sales and marketing need to be; yet, in practice, this is so rarely the case. For that reason, he decided to pursue further education and training by pursuing a master’s in marketing. His schooling and experience led to the development of a 5-point account-based marketing framework which includes unique elements focused on B2B environments.

Personally, Christopher is a husband and father to 4 children, a Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast of which he holds a brown belt and is known to be staunchly Albertan. He is completing his Masters of Science in Global Digital Marketing from the University of Essex.

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