Ensure the integrity of the bond

Centralizer Fins


Prevention of delamination and the rubber compound tensile and wear characteristics are some of the most important factors related to a quality centralizer fin. At KC Seals, we understand all the parameters required to get that perfect rubber to metal bond; this includes a compatible bonding agent, preparation and surface finish treatments, and ideal press specifications during molding. Additionally, our MCM HNBR compounds have proven time and time again that the physical properties of these materials are ideal for the wear and tear centralizer fins typically go through.

Advantages of using KC Seals

  • Vast experience with the bonding of rubber to metal inserts
  • In-House mold making capabilities
  • Proprietary MCM HNBR compounds made specifically for centralizers fins
  • Flexible procurement contracts

Metals we typically work with

  • Nitronic
  • Beryllium copper (bonding surfaces need to be knurled)
  • Naval brass

Things to consider

At K.C. Seals we handle all the bonding preparation work, compression molding, and post-production. What we don’t currently do in-house is the manufacturing of the metal insert; however, we do have established relationships with local machine shops that specialize in this work. Additionally, should you machine the sleeves yourself or prefer to use your own outside machine shop, that works for us as well.

Quality you can rely on


All parts are measured on our Zeiss O-Machine and or Keyence CMM, which utilize optical and contact measurement technology in a comprehensive analysis. The O-Machine includes multi-sensor coordinate measuring, white light sensors for non-contact assessments and extremely accurate 3D scanners.

We follow AQL 2.5 levels 1 and 2 sample size quantities, and all molded parts are manufactured to RMA A2 tolerances. 

What comes with your orders:

  • Every order is sent with either a paper or digital QC document that includes ID, OD, C/S, Height, angles, and any other dimensions your organization feels critical. 


Our rubber and plastic materials supply is diversified amongst the top compounders in North America. Each polymer has been qualified to meet typical exploration and production well conditions, including mechanical, tribological, thermal, and specific immersive properties.

What comes with your orders:

  • Every order comes with an MTR that includes a batch number, cure dates, and a set of mechanical properties.

Available Compounds

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