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Custom PTFE Parts


Whereas PEEK is often used as an anti-extrusion backup due to its high strength characteristics, PTFE is softer and more ductile, which causes it to expand under compressive load and create an effective seal. PTFE is often specified where other common sealing materials, like elastomers, cannot meet the thermal, chemical, or tribological (friction, lubrication, and wear) demands of the application.

Some key characteristics of PTFE:

  • Exhibits the broadest chemical resistance of any commercially available polymer, due to its simple, fully fluorinated structure
  • Maintains ductility in cryogenic environments
  • Static and dynamic coefficients of friction are functionally equivalent, resulting in virtually no observable stick-slip phenomenon
  • Absorbs only a negligible amount of moisture

Examples of Custom PTFE Parts

  • Chemical Handling such as Valve Bodies, Seats & Seals, Balls and Pump Parts
  • PTFE Ball valve seats, piston rings, seals, lips, cups.
  • PTFE bearings, bushings, wear strips
  • Diaphragms, insulators, lantern rings, V-rings, gaskets, washers, balls
  • Custom profiles and backup rings
  • Seals used in liquid natural gas or other cold media
  • Wear components (filled grades)
  • Spring energized seals

Quality You Can Rely On


All parts are measured on our Zeiss O-Machine and or Keyence CMM, which utilize optical and contact measurement technology in a comprehensive analysis. The O-Machine includes multi-sensor coordinate measuring, white light sensors for non-contact assessments and extremely accurate 3D scanners.

We follow AQL 2.5 levels 1 and 2 sample size quantities, and all molded parts are manufactured to RMA A2 tolerances. 

What comes with your orders:

  • Every order is sent with either a paper or digital QC document that includes ID, OD, C/S, Height, angles, and any other dimensions your organization feels critical. 


Our rubber and plastic materials supply is diversified amongst the top compounders in North America. Each polymer has been qualified to meet typical exploration and production well conditions, including mechanical, tribological, thermal, and specific immersive properties.

What comes with your orders:

  • Every order comes with an MTR that includes a batch number, cure dates, and a set of mechanical properties.

Available Compounds

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